It has been a year and a half since I have made a post here…. much has happened since then!   I finished a graduate degree in TESOL from Hunter College, I played parts on the TV shows Eye Candy, Nurse Jackie, Daredevil, What Would You Do and Younger as well as the indie film The 3 Metamorphoses.  I also went to San Antonio to play Mag (the mother) in The Beauty Queen of Leenane  and then, months later, received an award for best supporting actress from The Alamo Theater Collective!  I also received the Making Books Sing Family of Artist Award for my work as a Teaching Artist.  I also continued to do improv, playing on the The Captain’s Hat, Faceplant and Cakepop at the PIT.


March 2016 – Mag in The Beauty Queen of Leenane IMG_6783









6/30/13  – I went to China for 2 weeks to shoot a Chinese TV show.  I played Minnie Vautrin – a true hero who  helped save thousands during the Japanese invasion of China in 1937.




6/17/13   Shot a great little part on HOUSE OF CARDS – my favorite show!  Such a great experience, but I forgot to take photos!  I will be in Season 2, ep. 3 –  I play Senator Cornwall.

florist photo

June 2 2013    I played the lead in a 48 Hour film festival short called THE FLORIST by Ituri Sosa.   It came out great!  Ituri did a great job – and I got to act with the bad kid from Billy the Kid.









IMG_47315/18/13   Shot a short film for a few days called THE RECIPIENT.    I had an “affair’ with a young guy (who  reminded me of  Leonardo DiCaprio!)








5/2/13   I shot a series of educational industrials for Pearson.  I tell facts and lead discussions about Texas government and politics.

4/27 /13 –  unremembered photoWent upstate to shoot THE UNREMEMBERED by Chris Knight for a few days.  Great indie short.  Can’t wait to see the finished product!






IMG_45672/13   Shot a role on “The Americans” .  Someone said that I reminded them of Nancy Reagan in this outfit









midnight society photo2/13    I got on a 10,000 hours improv team at the PIT.  We perform one or two Sundays a month and rehearse weekly.






Jan/13  to April – I just shot a few indie shorts and student films over the last few months but haven’t been updating the site.  Here are some of the names: LUCY AND THE STARS an NYU short directed by Gwynna Forgham .      YELLOW BRICK HELL a webisode by Rob Assaro.  THE NEW NEW YORKER short film by Amy Ma.  And I did  a few other NYU films:  DROP DEAD DOG, MONICA WADE

IMG_44871/2013       I played the mom in a indie Sci-fi short called THE SAFE ROOM










11/21/12           I’ll become the EUROPEAN CIALIS WOMAN next week….-no bathtubs on this one though.  We shot it on a restaurant set.

11/3/12          Fun shoot playing a bit part in a commercial for a Tel Aviv apartment – go figure!

IMG_427110/2712       Shot an awesome short called H7N3 ‘, with Iris Shim (she did a great film called House of Suh)  . Played a mom in the middle of a pandemic…. and got to act with Masuka from Dexter!   UPDATE…. the film was accepted into NBC Universal Short Cuts









10/10/12      I got a sweet little part on NURSE HACKIE (that will be directed by John Cameron Mitchell!!!) that I will be shooting this week!!

he's just a poe boy











6/12       here is a website I made with some of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with – a bunch of great improvisors from the PIT .  Kevin Scott directed it.




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